Repairing A Drone After A Crash

Drones are normally prone to damage due to their low cost construction and inexperienced pilots. It is important to know how to do certain repairs of damages that are common.


The following are the common damages that you would experience while operating drones; broken propellers, stripped screws, broken LEDs, broken clasps, broken wires and battery shorting out the gyroscope. There are other problems that are normally encountered with drones that can really be frustrating such as unstable flying, buzzing noises, not responding to controls, a propeller not spinning, loosing screws or shell not staying closed. Instead of buying a new drone, we’re going to cover how to repair them.

For people wondering how to open a drone in case you want to do some repair, you need to first remove the screws underneath the case. The screws are usually four in number. Thereafter you remove the clips by each rotor.drone-repair


Repairing Bent Propellers On Drones

For bent propellers, which are normally made soft so as to avoid hurting people, I is advisable to put your drone on a level surface and view the propellers at eye level. You then can exert pressure on the blades to put them back on shape. It is very important to note that repeated bending will permanently damage the blades by weakening it and most probably creating cracks.drone-propellerfix

Drone Propellers

If you want to replace a damaged propeller, you should basically pull vertically close to the center of the propeller thereafter push the new propeller onto the rotor’s shaft. It is very important to be keen and have the correct replacement. Frequent replacements of the propeller can loosen where it fits and therefore this can make it unstable during flight.

Quadcopter Batteries

For battery shorts, upon removing the case and insulating plastic that is beneath the battery, you can attach the piece of insulation to clear tape then wrap the battery in clear tape. This will for sure prevent any short circuits.

In the case when one propeller is not spinning anymore, turn the drone on and rotate the propeller in different directions. You should proceed to check wires in the event the propeller does not spin at all. If any wire is disconnected, use a pair of forceps to grasp the wire. You then use a soldering iron to melt the solder and attach the wire back. A solder should only be added if necessary due to its low melting temperature. This is to avoid melting the wires and heating the components.

LED Light Repair

If one of the LEDs is loosely attached you are strongly advised to get the original LED. You should use a pair of forceps to vigilantly to put the LED back. Use a fine soldering iron to melt the solder. You can then test the LED after the solder has cooled before the case is placed back.

When removing screws and then you notice impurities or small chips on the tips, use extremely hot glue. If hot glue is not used, there will be high probability of clumping.

Clasps can also break which is normally detrimental since they are responsible for holding the outer casings. Small elastics can be used to hold the upper and lower shells together.


Water Damage After Flying

There is always a chance that you could drop your drone in water. If this happens, the controllers that regulate power to the motors will most likely blow up! It is very important to turn the power off or remove the battery. When removing the battery it important to be keen and make sure it is not damaged. You should dry off any water than can be seen on the motors.

If the drone crashes due to being faulty, you need to simply use warranty and replace it. Damage caused by water is very tricky since it is not normally visible. You can also consider water proof options like Liquipel. Liquipel is proven and has been used to treat mobile phones and tablets. It is safe to avoid flying over water altogether. It is also important to do a thorough check on where you plan to fly.


  • Repairing your drone can be done by anyone.
  • It is often cheaper to repair your drone yourself and you can get most parts online for cheap.
  • Water damage is the hardest to repair, you might have to replace flightboards.
  • Always have backup propellers handy